Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stuff-you-find-in-your-pocket Monster

This is a new piece I've been working on. It's only about 2 1/2 inches tall, and it's a keychain. I've been calling it the "Stuff-you-find-in-your-pocket Monster"... (I'm also working on some packaging for him, so I'll post that once it's ready.)

Here is some progress. He's pretty much just a blob dressed in random things you would find in your pocket. (So he is naked in the picture above..) I can safely say I have found all of these things in my pocket before.
(Above) A side view..
(Above) A back view.
And this is what he looks like head on.

Stuff-you-find-in-your-pocket Monster contains:
2 Tootsie roll wrappers (Lemon and Cherry flavored)
1 pop tab
1 match
2 thumbtacks
2 nails
16 cents
6 buttons
2 different headache medications
1 bank slip (pretty low balance..)
1 stamp
1 straw wrapper wad
1 pencil
1 CVS card
1 earring
1 Q-tip
1 paperclip
1 key
1 movie ticket
1 snickers wrapper
1 fabric sticker
6 centimeters
4 digits of my phone number
1 Gum wrapper
A bunch of string
and 3 fish eyes (now, I have never found those in my pocket, but how else would he see?)

Happy Hunting..

Veggie Monster

Okay, so the sculpture in this picture is a piece I did last year called "The Veggie Monster". It won a scholarship in the 2009 Annual Society of Illustrators Student Competition, and if you are in New York anytime between May 6th and June 6th, it will be on display in the Museum of Illustration gallery. But anyways.. I was browsing through my files and found this picture. This is an alternate shot.. I was doing some experimenting with putting him in an environment. I like to think of what else could be hiding in the other cans... This might become a series.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Goofing Around..

Now, I know this isn't a masterpiece. I was just kidding around with Brad (my fiance) and I whipped out my version of an 80s bar chart telling him to make something cool. It's the end of the semester and we're both doing the final push thing. So... hopefully I will make something cool sometime soon, too... and then I'll post it up here. Haha...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Oh, they joys of decorating Easter eggs. Everybody in my family finds an excuse not to decorate and eventually wanders away from the table. For some reason the color wasn't dying the eggs very well and the crayons weren't coloring right.. so no masterpieces this year (ha). I wouldn't really consider this my artwork, but I'm spending my weekend on Easter so enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creature from the Black Lagoonie-O's (more)

Here is the finished Creature figurine that would come in a box of Creature from the Black Lagoonie-O's. He is only about 2 inches wide (I made sure he would fit inside a box). Now onto the cereal box illustration..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Meet Pickle

Meet Pickle, my trusty betta fish. Pickle keeps me company when I spend long hours at my computer (which is very often.) I think he is the most personable fish I have ever met. He knows when I come home, and he really likes to dance. His favorite song is Limp Bizkit's "Nookie." I've even trained him to dance on command. Anyways, I'm not really sure when his birthday is, but it feels like I've had him for a long time so I'm sure he's had one or two that I've missed. I thought that today I would treat him to a nice photo shoot and introduce him to the world in honor of the birthdays I've probably missed. (I also gave him an extra pellet as a birthday present).

Creature from the Black Lagoonie-O's

Here is some progress on a project I'm working on... I'm doing the artwork for a cereal box inspired by old monster movies. I picked the Creature from the Black Lagoon, so I'm making Creature of the Black Lagoonie-O's (creative..i know.) haha, it's kind of fun so far. Below is the sketch for the box and two color comps. I've got some reworking to do, but I'll post the final when I get it done.

As an extension to this project, I've decided to do a toy that goes in the box, too. I think this is my favorite part. I really enjoy doing these 3D figures. He has glass reptile eyes. I had them laying around. That sounds creepy, but I had ordered them for a different project. I thought they worked well here, though. Anyways, I'm cooking him now so we'll see how it turns out!